I’d like to tell you that things will get better tomorrow. But i’ve been through so many tomorrows and nothing has changed. Each time I pressed the bottons with hope and each time, my hope was met with a crushing defeat. If i’m being honest with you i’ve been screwed more times than MccDonalds serves burger. At some point in my life I thought God took adverse pleasure in dangling hope before my eyes. Only to snap it away when I reached for it.

There’s about a snowballs chance in hell that things will ever get bettter. But here is what matters. Enjoy what you have now. Every little detail of where you are. Don’t focus on where you aren’t. Its a world that doesn’t play by our rules. Most importantly, we only live once.

No amount of suffering is truly enough to crush us completely. It only has the power that we give it. The worst things can happen to us but the next day the sun will rise and the sun will set and we will learn to live with the pain. Life will continue.

Someday we would all finish our schools. Attain the degrees, masters and PhDs, we’ll get married and create our own familes and nothing will matter except them, we’ll buy all the G-wags, Rolls royce, and Porches we dream of buying, we’ll live in big homes with our loved ones, we’ll meet all the famous people we wanna meet and eat all the richest and expensive foods, drink the best wines in the finest restaurants, we’ll fly first class and lodge in the best hotels, we’ll become grand parents and nothing we say will make sense because we’ll be old school. Someday we’ll die and be forgotten. And a new generation will be reborn. Gradually, our memories will fade into thin air.

If you felt insecure by the last sentence, you need to fix your life. When asked about what amazed him most about humanity, dalai lama once said;

Man sacrifices his health to make money. He later sacrifices his wealth to recuperate his health. He’s so anxious about the future that he doesn’t live in the present. The result being that he neither lives in the present nor in the future. He lives as though he’ll never die, and dies having never lived.

Take a breath, enjoy your life. Every single moment. The trees, the birds, the mountains, the atmosphere pregnant with rain. You’ll never get a second chance to live life the way you want to. There may be so much you’re missing out on. To be candid, tomorrow may or may not be fine. But never let the worries of it take away the beauty of today. You’ll never write a date like todays. Nor will you be your present age a second time, sadly life is too damn long and too damn short to spend the better part of it bitter.

Make mistakes, fight for what you believe in, Love immensely and deeply, live on your own terms-with regards to what you believe, learn daily, never regret any single move you’ve made.

I said someday because if you aren’t happy with what you have now or where you are, you’re most likely never gonna be… even if things “do get better”.

“I am not saying this because I am in need. For I know what it means to have in abaundance and what it means to be in abject lack. But I have learned to be content what ever the circumstances”.



Camouflage is the most interesting of all arts and science. Its a game we all love to play every now and then. Or at least ‘I love to play’.

“Now you see me, 👣👣👣now you don’t👅👅👅”.

Just when you think you know me I become a total stranger. You only know the things I choose to open up to you. Be careful right there… It may just be a trap. Me leading you to believe exactly what I would have you believe. But again, it may not.😂😂. I’m just a regular girl today, the next day I’ll have you asking yourself what planet you found me.

Its my security blanket. My adatation for survival.But then I dont like to play safe. I don’t like a stereotyped life. So I create my own world. It’s an illusion of changing myself into who I want you to think I am. And making my spectators believe I am that person. I make my audience fall for it. Distract them from the real strategy. And that’s where I keep them. When they begin to loose focus I create another distraction, drag them to a different empire in my world, make them feel like they got me right there. It’s like the game of chess. No. It is the game of chess. Only this time, I make the rules…

No one said you had to like it. Its a part of who I am. Like stripes on a Zebra. Create my space, and camouflage into it. Take me or not. I’m a Queen in my own empire now. I run my world. By my rules and standards. You do not like my way of conversing? You’re gonna leave.

Camouflage. A game we all like to play, but our secrets are as surely revealed by what we want to seem to be as by what we want to conceal.

You’re not there yet. You’re exactly where I want you to be. Thinking of me just as I would have you. Now don’t get too comfortable. Remember its my world and I can do whatever I please, with all my pieces. And oh.. You can’t get out of it. Its a trap and you’ve fallen.

Maybe all this is true. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s one of those games I play. Maybe I want to take your mind and drown it in the deepest ocean. Maybe I want you to think just as you are right now. Maybe the percentage of truth in all these is infinitesimally negligible. Maybe I’m just an illusion. But again, MAYBE NOT.

Stop trying to figure me out. I can bet with my bank account which is pretty fucking hefty that you can’t. Don’t listen to me I’m strange. The best thing they say you can ever have coming for you is the element of surprise. I learnt recently familiarity did no good. So I began living a silent and camouflaged life. Truly, life can’t get any better.




Look! Here comes a strike-bound travellers,a tribe of cannibals, a colony of barbarians connected and marked by slavery. A race nurtured and bred by a “Black woman” who is a social misfit to all white race.

My color is not my weakness, how dare you define me by my skin.
I see black and I see meekness.
You see black and you see weakness.
One true nationality is mankind…

The black woman” is an average and blooded minded woman. She’s dreaded,an atom of choking gases and smell of humanity.

Blooded minded woman?? We bleed the same color.

In the future as in the past, this black woman will build so many worlds.
Racism is mans gravest threat on the maximum hatred, For a minimum reason. Racism is a refuge for ignorance.

What do you know about ignorance?
Don’t you know that tolerance made you a promoter of devious atrocities?
You are a gold digger,a club singer and also a stripper
You’ve got no honor because a man of valor will not find you attractive.

And you think you are any better than I am?
What makes you any more of a human being than me? Or what makes you any more attractive than me?
Race and color is only an illusion.
The sun doesn’t care what color we are. It shines on us all. The wind blows us all. And when we die, we meet one creator, he is neither black nor white. He doesn’t see color, he sees faith.

How can a promiscuous woman like you speak to me about Faith.
You’re a party goer need I remind you
You took “Bloody Mary” in the bar and now you’re seeking salvation
Such hypocrisy cannot be overlooked,you should be thrown beneath the Earth.

Look who is talking to me about parties…
We had our lives and our culture..
Then you came and you colonized us, taking away everything we ever knew. You changed our names and redefined us. We were foolish as long as we needed to. How dare you judge me? You are in no position to speak of my lifestyle. You are no more righteous than I am. Aren’t you even ashamed that when you tried to subdue us we rose like MOUNTAINS and stood tall??
What more do you want from us??

I want nothing from you that I have not gotten
Not even your fowls nor the eggs kept rotten
I called you a mistake and abomination to humanity,without an apology
You got on my nerves because evil subdued your heart and demonic principles accompanied you.
Your skin color is greatly irritating and pours out awful body odour.

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, respect and celebrate those differences. We build too many walls and not enough bridges. Our children may have to either cross those bridges, or be limited by those walls.
You’re myopic for condoning this school of thought.
Black lives matter. Black people are no less than you are. Learn this…Because the future is further than the past.

Blinded by hate speeches and ignorance on how to love, I have failed to understand that unity creates a mutual bond between us
I may have colonized and treated you badly, for all I know it was the best and moral way.
Now I have reasoned with your thoughts, your words became an eye opener to me.
I’m ever grateful for your maturity even when I gave you stones to eat for breakfast
You chewed it until your teeth felt the pain in your soul.

We black people. We’ve seen so much. We’ve accommodated and tolerated so much. Through and through, back to back, we have risen. Because its all we know how to do.
But things can not stay the way they are.
I don’t know what’s on the other side but I’m going. And you are coming with me.

That is definite.
It is the promise land where happiness, unity, love, forbearance and the like co-exist.
Color will not make us demons overnight, it will only create an avenue for mixture.
A mixture of both colors conjoining to form a brotherhood.
Once that will break free slaves,stereotypes, critics, racism and promote unconditional love.

Now to all the people out there, Caucasian, asian, american, african, mixed.

You may not be able to contol the events that happen but you can decide not to be reduced by them…

We are who we let ourselves be!!

Echoes of double minds


Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.

Meghan Markle once said while addressing her work on women’s right and activism, that:

“What’s interesting is that I hear a lot of people saying, when talking about girls empowerment and women as well, they say ‘you’re helping women find their voices’. I fundamentally disagree with that. Women don’t need to find their voices. They need to feel empowered to use it, and people need to be encouraged to listen”.

Because you are women, people will force their thinking on you, their boundaries on you, they will tell you who to be, how to dress, how to talk, how to behave, who you can meet, and where you can go. Don’t live in the shadows and prison of people’s judgement. Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom.

Over the years, society has defined women as the weaker version of men, as subordinates. We are born into the school of thought that we can not be something, or do certain things because of our gender.

Being a woman authomatically indicates vulnerability in so many corners of the world and there are distinctions, exclusions and restrictions made on the basis of sex and gender. Affecting the purpose of impairing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment, freedom, and exercises by women.

If you see something you don’t like, speak out, change it.

To all the women out there today, I am because you are.

I’m saying this loudly and I don’t need a license.

Its high time someone broke the silence. I will do it because I feel obligated to speak for those who do not have the courage to speak for themselves. I will start a fire but I need more women to hold my hand. Lets be the change we want to see in the world. If you have no reason to do this, do it because you will have daughters someday and they will live in the world you have created for them. And if that reason is not enough, do it because you are human. And we owe each other the responsibility of having each others back, Through and through. If that still isn’t enough, do it because someday you will meet your creator. And you will be accountable for all your actions.

You are the people. You are the change. It is our first responsibility as humans to question whatever isn’t right. And as women to stand by each other.

Cheers to all the women out there. May we know them, may be raise them, may we be them.

Pwajok jane kangyang

Working on three new posts.
First is Apartheid and prejudice. It talks about black people and color and racial discrimination. Second is women, society and power. Today is women’s day. Its the least i could do. Thirdly its my cousins birthday tomorrow.. I’m surprising her right on this blog.


Oh my gosh. You guys we just lost a little cousin. Their bus had an accident this morning on their way to school”

These were the words I woke up to this morning. That my little cousin had passed away in a car accident. And they were yet to find the other girl. I swear I’ve never seen death come close in my life. It was like I faced death one on one.

The problem was I wasn’t ready, I didn’t see it coming, I didn’t imagine, I had no idea. I wasn’t prepared for any of this…

I thought of how short life was, the last time I saw Engel. The whole family was broken. 3 children were confirmed dead. My world was turning upside down. I couldn’t feel my ♥ beat anymore. My systole and diastole went into suspension. How was my family going to pass through this life changing experience. My family will never be the same. We already lost someone in the Early days of the new year. Its just two months now. We can’t loose two people in two months. I didn’t know where to start from. The whole family was tensed.

About 2 hours later. I got another message that they saw the wrong corpse. And my little cousin was alive. Kai!!!!! I’ve never been so relieved in my life. I felt like I didn’t need to ask God for anything else in this life. Everyone was so happy and light hearted.

Truth is: life is a gift. Life is beautiful. Don’t waste it on things or people that aren’t worth it. We only live once, and if we live well, once is enough. We will never get a second chance to live life the way we wanted to. We do not own our lives or the people in it. God borrowed them to us and some day he will collect them back.

I’m deeply sorry for the family that lost a child today. Dare we say we understand what you’re going through.

To everyone out there, you’re special, you’re beautiful, theres no second copy of you and you can do whatever you wanna do. Stop chasing the wind and get your self up. Shit happens but life goes on. You don’t have the most difficult problem, you just think of your problems more often. Focus on yourself and enjoy being you. Because no one will. Invest in yourself. Live life to the fullest. You think your life is difficult? Theres a turtle out there flipped on its back. You need to screw your problems.

Now more than ever, we need to love the people in our lives. Because death is closer to us than it has ever been.

Pwajok jane kangyang.


Been straring at my blank pages

Reminiscing over how you’ve been the God of ages

Delivering all your people, through all the stages

Numb, I can’t see past this phrases.

Picked me from nothing, made me your righteousness

At the price of your sons spitefullness

With so much pain, in his consciousness

Left his glory, descended to lifelessness.

How can I stand so justified ?

In so much sin, yet undefiled

To the kindom of heaven, i’m recognised

My name in the book of life, no more undefined.

Be lifted high, from glory to glory

Forever, I will tell this story

All my sins, For them Lord I am sorry

Condemnation is my case even by a jury.

The kingdom or heaven, now my territory

Accrediting so much service, confirmatory

You can do this too, its not interrogatary

All you need is believe, and you’re a signatory.

Never to sin will I bend a knee

I am a Freefolk, you’ve heard my plea

All these words I write, I guanrantee




Love! An echo of freedom for souls with a landmark,

The gift of time and history put together.

Love! A variety of interpersonal affection,

The feeling that sees beyond flaws and odds.

It is the material used to cure the poisonous sting of death,

An empowering of risk, a journey with thousand dimensions.

It is the appreciation of the uniqueness and the diversity of people,

An eloquence and passion that brings fractions together.

The feast of nothingness with a kiss of all things first,

Love is not magical, it is the origin of a pure heart alongside actions.

The song of ice and fire, with a sync of hearts, bodies and souls.

Love does not care when it dies, only that it has a chance to live.

Love is not Valentine, love is the trigger event that conceives a heaven on hell’s imagination,

The faculty of everything that cannot be forged out of falsehood.

Love is not occasional, its the fire that burns uncontrollably once sparked.

The garden that accommodates all wrongs, it is what saves us when we are unable to distinguish between water and air, and we are sinking to the bottom.

Subconsciously, love guards the mind from ignorance and lust,

Verily! Another form of education without a specific specimen of application and test.

Love is what cuts us through, love is stoic and true. A defining essence that regulates the pandomonium, bringing tranquility to our being and purpose to our hearts.

Love is a bond, more than chemistry and powerful than a ruler,

It is what rules out English at a cost, it is priceless and tender hearted.

Love pays little attention to identity. It is the disembodied matrix that equals the whole of us. The solitary confinement by its own order.

Love is what your mirror cannot tell nor show, yet, it is vivid and focused, hold on to it, for it is with you forever…



Les posts suivants sont une collaboration de Dr_Stryange et ironique Jeff word. C’est une alliance entre les deux poètes. Deux écrivains différents de mondes sans précédent.


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